• Session: Fridays, July 10–August 14th
  • Time: 9–11:30am
  • Age: Adults 15+
  • Supplies: Some supplies required
  • Instructor: Olivia Robinson
  • Class Size: Min 5 / Max 10
  • Cost: $140

Develop a landscape painting from a photo of your choice! Learn the fundamental skills of painting including colour mixing, applying brushstrokes, how to layout a composition, the purpose of an underpainting, and how to build up layers. Olivia will provide demos, one-on-one tips, handouts, and homework to support your learning. (You can expect to spend 30 mins to 1 hr per week on homework.) After six lessons, you’ll have practiced and developed skills that will give you the confidence to dive further into this versatile and exciting medium.

Supplies List: 
Canvas 12” x 16”, 16” x 20”, or 18” x 24” (not needed for the first 3 classes)
Mixed Media Sketch Book Min. 9” x 12” (98 lb. or 160g. paper)
Palette Paper Pad
HB Pencil
1 Black China Marker (aka Grease Pencil)
1 White China Marker (aka Grease Pencil)
Acrylic Matte Medium 8oz (optional)

Paints – Heavy body, not liquid or fluid*
(min. 150ml/5oz) Titanium White
(min. 120ml/4oz) Primary Yellow
(min. 120ml/4oz) Cadmium Red Medium
(min. 120ml/4oz) Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red, or Primary Magenta
(min. 120ml/4oz) Ultramarine Blue
(min. 60ml/2oz) Phthalo Blue
(min. 60ml/2oz) Carbon Black, Lamp Black, or Mars Black
*A note about paints—Please select from one of the following brands or a brand of a similar student quality: Pébéo, Amsterdam, Opus Essentials, Opus Buzz, Liquitex Basics, Artist’s Loft, Grumbacher Academy, Demco, or Sennelier Abstract. You will not need expensive artist-level acrylics like Golden for our class.

Brushes – Synthetic Hair Long Handle

#4 Flat

#10 Flat

#1 Round

#8 Round