Gentle Morning Hatha Yoga

Wake up with a gentle Yoga sequence, light breathing techniques and meditation. We will be moving through postures in a way that responds to the slow building of heat in the body as we unravel tension and stagnancy to leave you feeling energized and balanced for the day.

  • Class: Gentle Morning Hatha Yoga
  • Instructor: Alyssa Jean
  • Date : Wednesday April 5th – May 10th (6 Wks)
  • Time: 9:30 – 10:30am
  • Level: All levels
  • Investment: $75

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Instructor Bio:

Alyssa started Yoga and Meditation in her adolescence but it wasn’t until after she had her first child that she found her dedication to the practice. Born into a family of musicians, she combines her love for music and yoga, by writing songs and experimenting with healing sounds in her classes.

Alyssa has completed two trainings: one with Rameen Peyrow, founder of Sattva Yoga; and, with Ann-Kathrin Martins for Pre-natal & Post-Natal Yoga. Alyssa has taught in a variety of settings from schools to rehabilitation centres. Her goal is to make yoga accessible for everyone and she strives to ensure that her students feel safe and confident in their practice.


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