Introduction to Screen Printing

Our popular intro course will get you screenprinting in two days. We break it down into 8 easy steps, and small class size means lots of hands-on learning.

This is all about hands-on learning the basic fundamentals of screenprinting with photostencils. We use waterbased and plastisol inks, and also take some time to learn the applications and history of our favourite print process.

Practicing screenprinters: upgrade knowledge, quickly learn up-to-date techniques that will make you more efficient and give you better printing results.

This course includes:
-Art and Film prep
-Screen Prep – mesh, emulsion, exposure, reclaiming
-Inks -mixing, thinning, additives
-Make Ready and Registration
-Printing Techniques on various materials

On the first day, participants will go through a ‘cycle’ of screenprinting an image created using a variety of art tools and film types. Screens will be coated, exposed, and reclaimed. A sample run of each design helps the students see the relationships between the various elements of the screen printing process and how they all work together.

On day two, students are free to create and print their own simple designs that have been prepared in advance, while practicing the steps learned earlier. With the small class size everyone gets lots of hands-on opportunity, and we make an attempt to accommodate small runs of art prints or different materials. (1-colour shirts, fabric, canvas and wood are just some of the materials we have imaged during our courses – let me know in advance if you have specific applications you want to cover).

Minimum 4 Students. Max 6 Students.

  • Instructor: Lucas J Copplestone
  • Session 1: 10:00am – 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday, January 27th-28th
  • Session 2: 10:00am – 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday, February 24th-25th
  • Age Range: 15+
  • Skill Level: Novices: It’s easy to follow and doesn’t require any prior skill.
  • Investment: $348.00
    (Includes: printing materials, inks & T-shirt)

Instructor Bio Shown Below

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Things to bring:

  • No supplies required, Bring a lunch and or visit The Roost Farm House down the road.

Instructor Bio:

Lucas J Copplestone was born an Artist but it all hit on an adventure to London England in 2008 with his Dad, they explored all the same museums, monuments, architecture and pubs they had on previous trips, however; this trip sat differently with Lucas. Returning with fresh eyes, he began painting very large abstract and Pop Art style portraits. 

Over the last ten years Lucas has been creating, singing, dancing, DJing and traveling with a special group of creative people. In 2012 this group came together to find a space where everyone could explore their best creative self. They would meet at each others spaces but were running out of room. They began to strive towards having their community collaborating simultaneously under one roof.


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