Pattern Making with Adobe Illustrator

This is a workshop geared towards teaching artists to use the powerful tools found in Adobe Illustrator to create patterns and designs. Illustrator is used in everything from logo design for print, line drawing and wall paper patterning, through to webpage and document layout.

This course is intended to teach the basic tools to lay a foundation for how Illustrator works, moving into techniques and tricks for making and combining shapes, mixing colour and gradients used in digital design.  These designs will then be saved to a print ready PDF, so prints can be made at a later date. Lastly, a web version will be saved. This version is useful for emailing and displaying on the web.

  • Instructor: Mike Routliffe
  • Date: Stay tuned for future dates!
  • Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Age-Range: 17+ or prior experience
  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Investment: $210
  • Supplies: Laptop with Adobe Illustrator

Instructor Bio Shown Below

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Instructor Bio:

Mike Routliffe has been a professional Multimedia Producer, Instructor and Technician for 15 years.

As a producer he creates projects for clients in Canada and internationally using web design, social media, photography, video, sound, vector drawings, animation, and text to communicate the stories of brands and companies.

For his own work and development Mike combines more traditional media, such as ink and gouache with digital technology, creating animations, video, photo collage and soundscapes.

Locally, he produced a solo exhibit at the old location of the Maritime Museum.  In Montreal, Mike’s film Bardo was selected for the NDG Off The Wall Film Fest. He was also featured internationally in the Blue November Micro Film Fest in Seattle Washington and on the online magazine Re-d :arte y genero produced by the Gender Studies Department of the National University of Mexico in Mexico City.



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