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Pints & Prints with LJC. Have a couple pints, screen print a couple shirts, rock some tunes and learn the basic screen printing methods. Minimum 8, Maximum 20. One colour prints, Beach Cruiser Bikes, Vancouver Island, Surf and Skate style graphics. Print them for yourself or for a gift, come with a friend or make it a date, come create!

  • Instructor: Lucas J Copplestone
  • Date:
  • Age Range: 19+
  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Investment: $40 each or $70 for two.

Instructor Bio Shown Below

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  • All print supplies and pints will be provided
  • Please provide desired t-shirt size

Instructor Bio:

Lucas J Copplestone was born an Artist but it all hit on an adventure to London England in 2008 with his Dad, they explored all the same museums, monuments, architecture and pubs they had on previous trips, however; this trip sat differently with Lucas. Returning with fresh eyes, he began painting very large abstract and Pop Art style portraits. 

Over the last ten years Lucas has been creating, singing, dancing, DJing and traveling with a special group of creative people. In 2012 this group came together to find a space where everyone could explore their best creative self. They would meet at each others spaces but were running out of room. They began to strive towards having their community collaborating simultaneously under one roof.


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