• Class: Spring Forest Qigong
  • Instructor: Kathy Hookham
  • Session: Jan 5th – Feb 23rd
  • Time: 9:30 – 10:45am
  • Level: All levels
  • Investment: $90 for 8 session (Or Drop in $15)

Is an Ancient Chinese practice to add balance to your life.  Though the practice of Qigong, we not only treat our physical body but also get in touch with our inner body that works so hard in keeping us active and healthy.  In this practice we work on clearing energy blockages  that if not cleared eventually lead to body aches and pains and eventually disease. We clear the blockages and balance the energy in our bodies through guided active movements, breathing techniques, sound and through focus and visualization bringing us into the present moment where healing takes place.  Class ends with a guided meditation.

Start your day with the lovely meditative form of exercise to start your day.  You will leave feeling relaxed but energized.  This is a Mindfulness practice integrating gentle active movements with breathing techniques and focus and visualization.


Come wearing comfortable clothing and don’t forget to bring your water bottle.