Pacificheart Childcare

Pacificheart childcare

PHC is located at McTavish Academy Of Art. We were excited to welcome PHC and see their fantastic programs continue to grow. We also offer after school programs in collaboration with PHC in art, dance, yoga, sports and more. To register for before and after school care please connect with PHC directly.

Pacificheart Childcare is a space with intention. Intent to create kids with a sense of community, creativity and curiosity.

Spending time interacting with different members of our community we pride ourselves in the ability to understand, empathize and socialize. Offering extracurricular activities presents opportunities for PHC kids to explore their interests and allows for growth and exploration in safe and creative settings .

Their projects in fundraising and advocacy create a social understanding and compassion for those around them. They also have a desire for wellness and exploring new and creative ways to stay healthy.

They strive to create wholesome recipes that nourish and teach the importance of a nutritious lifestyle. By bringing all these teachings to Pacificheart they feel confident in saying “we are not just your average childcare”

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