Alyssa Madill has a passion for helping humans to build strong foundations in body, mind, and spirit by utilizing holistic nutrition principles, compassion and education. She understands that we are each in varying states of vulnerability these days, so she wishes to offer her workshops on a by-donation basis. If you cannot contribute in this way, please pay it forward with an act of kindness in your community instead (please do that anyways!).

Alyssa is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been exploring health and wellness for a decade; you may recognize her as your friendly local Registered Massage Therapist, as that has been her other offering on the Saanich Peninsula for six years. She is honoured to now be offering workshops online to our community, as providing service, support and inspiration are key to her divine purpose.  She hopes to guide you towards staying grounded, healthy, and nourished through these ever-changing times and beyond.

Virtual Classes:

I will be offering one live workshop experience to begin with, using Zoom: A Body-Mind-Spirit Workshop to Ease Anxiety and Over-thinking. We will cover holistic nutrition support, stress reduction ideas, and we will connect as a community in hopes to ease our collective anxiety.

This workshop is perfect for you if you:

  • are experiencing overwhelm and frequent stress
  • can’t seem to slow your thoughts
  • are constantly pouring energy into the wellbeing of others
  • are curious to know which foods and supplements can support your mental health
  • are curious about body-mind-spirit practices to ease over-thinking and deepen your connection to self

*Please note, there are three different options to choose from on the schedule, please choose one.*

Wednesday, April 8th OR April 15th at 11 am

Join our Zoom Meeting on a Wednesday Morning with this link:

Meeting ID: 857 259 082
Password: 613712

Or, Join our Zoom Meeting on Thursday, April 16th at 7 pm with this link:

Meeting ID: 761 333 519
Password: 613712

Stay tuned for further upcoming workshops including Beyond Detox: Why and How to Support your Liver

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