Judi- instructorJudi started practising yoga in 2000 and completed her teaching certification in 2011 at MokSana Yoga. She is continually inspired to return to the transformative process of yoga as the subtle nuances of the practise encourage her to find peace and approach life full of compassion. It is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are.

As a mother of 4, and a learning support teacher for vulnerable young adults, her classes are practical, sometimes philosophical, but always infused with a spirit of light-heartedness. By attuning our awareness into the present moment we can find creativity, balance and strength to open to our true nature and live to our full potential. This starts with the physical practise of yoga and changing how we relate to our bodies and sensation in our bodies. Students in her classes will be encouraged to mindfully move within their pain free range of motion as they arise, abide and dissolve through the asanas they create. Judi is committed to continued learning and growth along this yogic path and is truly grateful for her anusara, vinyasa and yin inspired teachers.

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