Join us for The “Other” Choir

This program is no longer available and concluded in 2019. If you are interested in choir please check out Peninsula Ladies Choir which practices at McTavish Academy Of Art. Here is a link to their Facebook Page Click Here

Only Singing in the Shower? Dont be shy… Join our “Informal Fun” Singing Group

Introducing: The “Other” Choir. Easily learn to sing in harmony, songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s & more

Created and lead by (Maestro) Mike McGuire.

Want to enjoy the many health benefits of Community Singing? Want to blow the winter blues away?
Want to easily learn how to harmonize?

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first complimentary session with Maestro Mike. It was a great day full of music and laughter. We are looking forward to the next sessions.

Please share with your friends and come and enjoy a fun filled two hours with us.

The “Other” Choir will offer Music and Comedy to blow away stress and enliven your natural endorphins. 

Mike has been a singer/multi instrumentalist. A performing musician for many years. Previously he had traveled the World, entertaining on Cruise ships to over 40,000 happy folks in a Contemporary Duo, “Simply Gold” where he and his singing partner developed a huge repertoire of over 400 popular songs. He now has a small singing group “HarmonyPlus” which he has led for the past 12 years, teaching harmony to many popular songs.

He presently leads an informal choir “HarmonyPlus” of about 20 members who meet weekly who for the most part do not read music.

All songs are learned by ear and this will be the approach he’ll take with the new “Other” choir.

Over the years he has become known affectionately as “Maestro Mike.”