Kids Art Kits

We have teamed up with the amazing team at Island Blue Art Store and Art For Everyone Foundation and to create these awesome art kits!

We know that over the past week at home you have probably been busy creating with all sorts of items around the house. By now you may be wondering whats next? We are here to help with that at a time when you may need a little creative assistance. Thank you for staying home and easing the pressure on of healthcare and essential service workers. We are all in this together.

With all the items that Island Blue set us up with we have been able to create 80 more art kits for families on the peninsula. We have 6 different types of kits available, listed below. These kits would normally be well over $30 each but with the support of AFEF and Island Blue Art Store we are happy to offer them to the community for only $15 which includes delivery. There are a limited number of kits available at this time.

Purchase Kids Art Kit

Acrylic Canvas Set

Fimo and Magic Wand Kit

Modelling and Magic Want Kit

Drawing Kit

Watercolour and Flowers Kit

Flowers and Salt Painting Kit

Thank you to the community partners who are making this possible:

McTavish Academy Of Arts