• Session: Photographic Composition and Visual Design
  • Date: Sun, Aug 13th
  • Time: 10am-2pm
  • Instructor: Michael Murchison
  • Cost: $75

In this class you will learn the elements of visual design that combine to create photographic compositions. We will discuss how colour, tone and geometry work together to create strong impactful images. You will learn how composition is less about following a set of rules, and more about following your intuition by using balance, rhythm and flow as your guiding principles. In doing so you will learn to better understand how to organize the subjects you see into strong and meaningful photographs.


Michael Murchison is primarily a landscape photographer, born in Saskatchewan but now working from Victoria, B.C. He has been shooting landscapes since 2016 when he rekindled a lifelong passion of looking at the world through the lens of his camera. Not a formally trained photographer, he has learned most of his craft by reading, using internet training and most importantly looking at the work of other talented photographers. His landscape photography focuses on finding the extra-ordinary in the ordinary, often shooting more intimate scenes he sees when he is exploring the world around him. A well-known and respected photographer, he has presented with local camera clubs in both Saskatchewan and Victoria and has a passion both for his photography and sharing his knowledge with others.