Welcome Pacific Heart Childcare!

Pacificheart Childcare is a space with intention. Intent to create kids with a sense of community, creativity and curiosity. Spending time interacting with different members of our community we pride ourselves in the ability to understand, empathize and socialize. Offering extra -curricular activities presents opportunities for PHC kids to explore their interests and allows for growth and exploration in safe and creative settings . Our projects in fundraising and advocacy create a social understanding and compassion for those around us. We also have a desire for wellness and exploring new and creative ways to stay healthy. PHC provides homemade baking and cooking on a weekly basis through the MAOA canteen. We strive to create wholesome recipes that nourish and teach the importance of a nutritious lifestyle. By bringing all these teachings to Pacificheart we feel confident in saying “we are not just your average childcare”.

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Welcome to the MAOA Family, Pacific Heart Childcare!