Quiet, Gentle, Grounding Class

Yin Yoga Classes

This gentle, grounding class targets the connective tissues of the body to release tension, lubricate joints and improve mobility. Expect to be invited to slow down and guided through a series of supported longer-held postures (2-5 minutes). Excellent for improving vitality, increasing resilience to stress and rebalancing the nervous system. Appropriate for all levels, bodies and ages.

We look forward to having you join us in the studio. We offer pre-registered series to ensure we maintain small class sizes providing lots of space to setup in the studio. This also provides a more welcoming environment, personalized feel and connection to the instructor alongside the ability to grow your practice through the series. To secure your space please register early and we will see you soon!

“I’ve been coming to McTavish Academy for a couple years now to practice yoga. I truly love this wonderful place and All the instructors (leaders) are amazing people who know and care..”
~ Student

A few notes for class:
– All props are provided
– Please bring a water bottle if desired which can be filled on site with filtered water
– Parking in front or rear lot. Also parking for bikes
– Please remember to turn off all devices upon arrival

Monthly Fall Classes

Fall Classes (Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec)