Caribbean Dance

A series of dance classes offering full body movement, low impact fitness, full of rhythm, passion and SIZZLE. You will tone muscles, build core strength and endurance and be left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Speaking of world, easy to learn choreography fuses dance flavours from around the world with Caribbean, Bollywood, and Middle Eastern dance to name a few. “Let’s get dancing”!

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  • Instructor: Reziah Khan
  • Course: Caribbean Dance
  • Next Session: Stay tuned for future dates
  • Time:
  • Investment:
  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Age Range: 15+
  • Supplies: Yoga mat for fitness and stretching recommended.


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Bring on spring and join Reziah in turning up the heat in her Caribbean Dance Class. This edgy class will help with your fitness at any level. You will learn basic moves to high energy music and leave with a full choreography sure to impress your friends…or owner of the night club ;-).

Coconut wishes and pineapple dreams, leave your stuff behind and come dance with me!


Instructor Bio:

Reziah was born with dance shoes on. To her, dance is a creative outlet. It motivates her in many ways and inspires her to motivate others. Reziah began as a recreational hip hop and jazz dance instructor and later branched off to teach Caribbean dance. She studied Middle Eastern dance and was one of the founding members of Pacifica Dance Troupe.

Reziah’s roots are in the Caribbean island of Trinidad which is a very multicultural country with people of African, East Indian and Spanish descent to name a few. Cultural dance is a passion of Reziah’s and she recognizes the deep link of dance to cultural identity. She enjoys meeting different people and connecting with those who share the same passion.

“Dance is a language which speaks volumes”.


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