• Session: Jan 28th – Mixed Media Pen and ink & watercolour and pencil crayons (Birds)
  • Session: Feb 18th – Mixed Media Pen and ink & watercolour and pencil crayons (Flowers)
  • Session: March 17th – (Birds)
  • Session: April 28th – (Flowers)
  • Session: May 26th – (Flowers)
  • Day: Sunday
  • Time: 9:30 – 3:30pm
  • Instructor: Bryony Wynne-Jones
  • Skill Level: Beginners-Intermediate
  • Cost: $80
  • Supplies can be provided for the session for $20 (Please emails us or add to the note on registration if you would like supplies prepared)

If you have always wanted to paint and think that watercolours are frightening, come and try them in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Take out those watercolours and see what they can do in a bright and free way. Splash on colours and blend washes; the result is fresh and spontaneous. Please view the supplies needed for the class.

Spring Flowers

Join Bryony for a day of glorious colour, and fragrance, with the incomparable flowers of spring. You will learn some good basic drawing techniqes and colour blending and be guided every steps of the way to create some studies/paintings of spring flowers.

Flowers in Mixed Media

Bring everything! Questions, pencils, paints… how about a dip pen with nib and ink. Let us put it all together and see what happens. There will always be surprising and beautiful results when using mixed media.

Birds in Mixed Media

Have you ever wondered…what if? What if I added some pen and ink to a watercolour painting? or coloured pencils, or watercolour pencils and graphite?
How about all of the above?

Join Bryony for a day of mixed media and birds. Feathers rendered in graphite stick with a wash of watercolour. Beautiful! Eyes in pen and ink .
It is a day for experimenting and if you are curious, let us do it! Take a day to explore and play with mixed media.