• Session: April 6th – June 8th (10 wks) 
    • Ages 6-10yrs | Thursday’s
    • Level 1 | 4:45-5:45pm
    • Level 2 | 5:55-6:55pm
    • Ages 10-12 yrs | 7-8pm
    • Session: April 8th – June 10th (10 wks)
    • Ages 1-3yrs | 9-9:45  | Saturday’s, accompanied by parent/guardian
    • Ages 3-5yrs | 10-10:45 | Saturday’s
    • Ages 6-10yrs | Level 1 | 11-12 | Saturday’s
    • Ages 6-10yrs | Level 1 | 12:15-1:15 | Saturday’s
    • Session: Tuesday’s
    • Ages 1-3yrs | 9-9:45  accompanied by parent/guardian
    • Ages 3-5yrs | 10-10:45
    • May 2nd – 23rd (4wks)
    • May 30th – June 20th (4ks)
    • July 4th – 25th (4ks)
    • August 1st – 22nd (4ks)
    • Session: Thursday’s
    • Ages 1-3yrs | 9-9:45  accompanied by parent/guardian
    • Ages 3-5yrs | 10-10:45
    • May 4th – 25th (4wks)
    • June 1st – June 22nd (4ks)
    • July 6th – 27th (4ks)
    • August 3rd – 24th (4ks)
    • Instructor: Emilie (Thurs Classes)
    • Instructor: Ada/Emilie (Saturday Classes)
    • Currently running sessions listed below
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Have you been wanting to learn how to cartwheel, balance, or tumble? Join intro to gymnastics program! Throughout the program, children will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics including: flexibility, strength, coordination, and of course, gymnastics skills! Kids will have the experience of using our variety of gymnastics apparatus. No experience needed, please come in athletic clothing and socks. This program has been created in collaboration with Pacific Heart Childcare. We are working on the addition of more programs!


I have a passion for working with kids, and I’ve been working in the field for the last seven years! Five of those years were spent as a gymnastics coach; my favourite sport to do and teach. I grew up as a gymnast at Victoria Gymnastics, which you might be familiar with. My experience as a gymnast turned into a career in coaching starting as young as 12, being a volunteer coaching assistant. I love living an active lifestyle; going to the gym, for a hike, and of course walks on the beach! Working for PHC is a super rewarding job and I’m so happy this job has given me the opportunity to get back into coaching gymnastics again too! So excited to bring some gymnastics to this part of town.

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