Session: Jan 18th – 22nd (6wks)
Time: 7:30-8:30 (Thur’s)
Series: $90/person
(no partner required)

Swing dancing is a great way to learn something new, have some fun, and gain the skills and confidence to dance with lots of different people on the social dance floor! This beginner level class will teach you the basic Swing steps and leading and following techniques.  No experience necessary, come with or without a partner as we will rotate often so everyone has a chance to dance.

About your instructor:

Warren has performed and competed in Latin Ballroom and Swing dance at the international level, highlights including placing first in the Florida Intercollegiate Latin Formation Team competition, first in the Swing Dance Category at the Snowball Classic, and has represented Canada at the IDSF Latin Formation Team World Championships in Austria.  Warren has performed and competed in Salsa dancing in New York, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Florida, Edmonton, Vancouver, Portland and of course our beautiful city of Victoria.

Known for musicality and creativity on the dance floor as well as in his teaching style, his infectious passion for dance combined with a solid foundation of dance technique will help you become a versatile, expressive, and musical dancer that everyone will line up to dance with!