• Session:  Jan 9th – Feb 27th (Tues)
  • Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm
  • Age: Adult (16+)
  • Cost: $68
  • Instructor: Susan Martman


This class is a natural progression if you have attended the Absolute Beginner class and want to build upon the skills you have already learned. It will consist of low to medium level Beginner dances using more than your basic steps and introducing additional sequencing patterns.

Instructor (Susan Martman):

It’s exciting to move to this new venue as we will have so much more room in the gym. This will allow me to combine classes so we can all dance together which is much more fun. Fun is what these classes are all about. Get moving, exercise the brain and make new connections! I have been dancing since I was five years old; ballet, jazz, and pop. But teaching line dance has become a passion! It began with instructing in RV Parks and evolved into beginning a group in Sidney. We danced all through Covid using various parking lots and lots of masks! Four years later and we’re growing in numbers and having a great time. I would love you to join us!