• Session: Sat, Aug 13th (12:30-3pm) Hydrangea Fireworks
  • Instructor: Jess Glover
  • Experience: Beginners 14+
  • Cost: $50
  • Supplies: A stone and all materials to make your painted stone are including. Use of `Happy Dotting Company` dotting tools and an 12` segment stencil guide are available for use during the class.

It is said that Mandalas are used as symbols for meditation, protection and healing. Mandala in Sanskrit means both `circle` and `center` implying that it represents the visible world around us as well as the invisible one deep inside our bodies (the center healing circle). You will have the use of your own 6ftx3ft table following all public health guidelines.

If you would like to purchase the tools to take home after class they will be available, supplies permitting. Cash only. The 13 piece set includes 12 vibrant colour coded tools and one stylus embossing tool with fine and bold tip. These plastic tools are easy to clean with dry paper towel and highly effective for achieving your final mandala piece. `Happy Dotting Company` is also providing a wonderful 12 segment guide which is the secret to keeping your art symmetrical. Guide cost is $10. Many other items available to purchase after class. Please visit: https://mysticmandala.ca/product-guide