• Instructor: Susan Wintrop
  • Experience: All welcome
  • Ages: 16+
  • Cost: $250

Open Studio is a safe and supportive environment for painters in any medium to bring in a project they’re working on. The instructor will quietly go to each individual looking at the work, listen to what the painters may be struggling or unhappy with, ask what the artists are striving for and suggest ways to achieve that intention.

This time is devoted to the attention of each participant, to enhance the natural path they’re already on.
Along the way if the instructor sees that several people may be struggling with composition, colour identification or colour mixing etc. exercises will be offered to explore those subjects. All demonstrations, and exercises are at the discretion of the artists to participate.

It’s hoped that this group will enjoy the pleasure of creating together and in their own time discover their best artistic selves.
(Disclaimer: It’s a lifetime pursute!)

Note: We maintain small class sizes to ensure a personalized and welcoming environment. Each student will have their own table to create on in a large, well lit 900 sq ft studio with lots of natural light studio.