• Session: Wednesday, March 11th – April 15th
  • Time: 6:30 – 8pm (6 weeks)
  • Instructor: Hazel Yeo
  • Experience: Beginners
  • Investment: $189

Learn to plant a beautiful garden where everything thrives. Flowers bloom throughout the seasons and maintenance is reduced. This course will teach you how to plant just that. We will cover how to assess and amend the soils, choose the right plant for the right place and finally, draw up a working plan to scale. You will explore different garden styles and design layouts that will compliment the landscape. This course can either be taken as a followup to Introduction to Landscape Design or as a stand alone for anyone interested in breathing new life into their garden.

SPECIAL NOTE: You will receive 20% off planning your garden course if you are registered for the intro to landscape design course which starts Jan 8th.