The Stories You Tell: Exploring Creative Non-Fiction—with Sylvia Olsen

  • Instructor: Sylvia Olsen
  • Course: The stories you tell: exploring creative non-fiction
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  • Investment: $80

First we learn who we are and how to live with ourselves—sometimes difficult tasks. Then we set out to tell the tale—often no less difficult. But your life is worth the story.

In this workshop we will explore creative non-fiction as a way to incorporate aspects of your life into your writing. We will discuss how people, plot, place and point of view help us find the “who cares?” in our stories.

We will have facilitated group discussions, writing time and readings. Come prepared to be inspired and to reignite your motivation to write the stories you love to tell or find words for the stories you have never told before. The day will refresh experienced writers and provide an opportunity to take some first steps for writers who haven’t gone there yet—either way be prepared to strengthen your writing skills and broaden your perspective.

At lunch we will join Nikki’s class and Sylvia and Nikki will discuss strategies for getting your work published.

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Supplies List:

  • Writing equipment of choice – notebook and pen, laptop, iPad… 

  • Your questions, ideas, fears, excitement, imagination and desire to explore writing your stories.

  • A bagged lunch

  • We will provide tea, coffee and something baked for break

Instructor Bio:

Sylvia Olsen is an award-winning author who has wandered from writing for young people to history to memoir. She is currently working on a travel book. Sylvia crosses genres easily because at her heart she is a storyteller. The sort of story determines the sort of style she will use to write it. She has written picture books and early readers for younger children, social commentary and novels for pre teens and older teenagers and popular history as well as memoir, personal essay and blogging. Recently she became the relieved author of a Phd dissertation (truly the hardest genre she has encountered so far). Sylvia is an engaging workshop facilitator and loves to learn.

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