• Session: Stay Tuned for Future Dates
  • Time: 4-5:30pm (Thursdays)
  • Ages: 10-16 yrs
  • Cost: $120/session
  • Instructor: Elan Caskanette
  • Experience: Open to everyone
  • Supplies: Please bring writing device (Laptop, pen & paper, tablet, etc).

Story Seeds is a beginner oriented program, designed to support the students in developing a conceptual foundation while also putting pen to paper to start writing immediately. Through the four weeks we will work on learning essential writing concepts, developing our skills through exercises, and sharing in the process in a supportive and encouraging group environment. The program will also include a small work book that covers concepts in more depth, and has optional homework questions for students that want to go even deeper into the writing process during the program. By the end of the four weeks the students will have imagined and written a completed short story, and feel confident in their ability to keep writing after the program. This confidence would be built through the process, as well as through the students coming to understand that there is always more concepts to learn but we are always able to write with what we know.

Instructor: Elan Caskanette is a professional writer, hip hop artist, and creative mentor. He has over a decade of experience with writing stories and lyrics, and has been immersed in the creative process for the majority of his life. Elan is driven by the philosophy of how creativity can positively impact our lives. Through his own creative journey he has developed his writing as a tool for self care, understanding, and encouragement. Elan is self taught through years of determination, and dedication to learn all aspects of creative writing. He draws inspiration and knowledge from great thinkers and teachers of writing and storytelling, such as Joseph Campbell, and Brandon Sanderson. As well as building his writing curriculum from rigorous study of great works of fiction. He has been teaching writing and hip hop for two years through private lessons, and online workshops. Elan has also performed his music and shared his writing on many stages, such as Otherworld, Ignite Youth Arts & Culture Festival, and Impact Festival. 

His current novel in progress is entitled the Jessuish. He has recently completed the initial writing process, writing two hundred and forty thousand words in eighteen months, and is now preparing it for publishers. The Jessuish takes place in a garbage covered wasteland. It weaves a story about a group of misfits finding/creating meaning, safety, and belonging in a decaying world. The first four chapters are available to read on his website, as well as other writing, information, and projects.
Through it all Elan’s highest intention is to support the world and his community through creativity, and guiding others on their creative journey.