• Session: March 10, 17, 24
  • Day/Time: Sundays 2-4pm
  • Instructor: Alison Spokes
  • Experience: Beginners – Intermediate
  • Cost: $90
  • Class Size: 10 people maximum
Reading Tarot Reversals
Have you ever wondered what it means to pull a Tarot card that comes out upside-down? If you’ve already got a good understanding of Tarot basics, then you’re ready to explore Tarot reversals! Despite having a reputation for being bad omens, reversed cards actually offer a unique twist to the card’s original meaning when it’s upright. Knowing how to interpret reversed Tarot cards can bring an extra layer of depth to your readings. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as memorizing 78 new card meanings. Rather, this 2-hour workshop will guide you through various ways a reversed Tarot card can alter its energy to provide greater clarity and insight while still delivering a positive message.
Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes, and your favourite 78-card tarot deck.
Reading Tarot Spreads
If you’re looking for a more organized and structured approach to your Tarot readings, Tarot spreads could be the solution you need. Tarot spreads work like blueprints, providing specific placements for each card, which helps you stay focused and put context to your interpretations. This workshop is designed to teach you the benefits of using Tarot spreads without leaving you feeling confined or restricted.
In this workshop, you’ll learn:
– Effective ways of working with Tarot spreads for guidance, decision-making, problem-solving, and romance.
– How to create your own Tarot spreads.
– How to interpret Tarot spreads and tell a more comprehensive story.
Together we’ll analyze and interpret several Tarot readings using spreads as our framework. Additionally, you will also receive a handout of my personal favourite Tarot spreads.
Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes, and your favourite 78-card tarot deck.
The Art of Tarot for Intermediates
This hands-on workshop will put your Tarot knowledge and skills to the test. The course will cover techniques and strategies for conducting readings for yourself and others. However, the main focus will be getting an immersive experience by practicing reading for your peers (and maybe your instructor). You’ll gain some real-time feedback to boost your confidence and develop the skills necessary to deliver higher-quality Tarot readings that will surely impress your friends and family.
This workshop is not recommended for beginners, but for those who have a basic understanding of the Tarot card meanings and how Tarot works. Anyone who is looking for somewhere to practice reading Tarot and gain feedback is welcome.
Please bring a notebook and pen for note-taking, along with your favourite Tarot deck.