• Sunday, Oct 29th
  • Time: 10am-3pm
  • Workshop: $85
  • Instructor: Donna Jean
  • Supplies: Supplies Needed

Using Acrylic paints you will create quick loose abstract trees, shrubs and forests. Donna will guide you step by step through the process to create up to 5 paintings in one session. Donna is a self-taught artist who postponed her artistic career until retirement. Her main goal is to help established artists who want to loosen up, and new artists who want to get started, to develop creativity quickly without allowing the left brain to take over. Your right brain is your creative side and you will be amazed at what you can achieve in one day. Donna will demo several ways to achieve this using brushes, palette knives, credit cards, tissue paper, rags etc. Fun is the number one goal of this class!


Donna Jean
Instagram: donnajean_art
After waiting until retirement to begin developing my creative side, I decided to start painting with acrylics and never looked back. I paint quickly and acrylics was the best way to do that which allowed me to layer and then paint over my initial layers until the right feel emerged. I let the artwork itself lead me to the next stages.
I am a self taught artist who tries to take a workshop at least once a year to help develop new ideas for my paintings and classes. I began painting by copying from photos which seemed a lot of work and not much creativity, and after 5 years I really wanted to explore abstracts.  That has been my focus over the past 12 years.  When a painting starts to work… I tingle!  It is so exciting! I teach and also have private students periodically as well as do commissions.  I wish I hadn’t waited until retirement.  Too much time wasted!