• Session: Finding Your Creative Voice
  • Date: Oct 17th – Nov 21st Mondays
  • Time: 5:45 – 8pm
  • Instructor: Kate Brooks-Heinimann
  • Experience: Open to everyone
  • Ages: 16+
  • Cost: $270
  • Supplies: All supplies are provided

A six week course dedicated to helping students discover and develop their personal artistic style in 2D media (drawing and painting).  Learn how to create our own compositions and confidently discuss our artworks with others through a series of engaging, fun and creative exercises and in class projects. We will also be exploring a variety of contemporary and historical artists and their work to help create and strengthen our own, unique artistic voices.

Gestural Contour/Blind Contour Quick Drawings:
Automatic Drawing (Surrealist)
Charcoal Portrait (Realistic Drawing)
Quantity vs Quality
Drawing from Memory/Abstraction