• Session: Saturday, Dec 2nd
  • Time: 10am-2pm
  • Workshop: $80
  • Age: Adult (16+)
  • Instructor: Wendy Picken
  • Supplies: All supplies provided

A class suitable for beginners, Flowers at our Finger Tips. In this 4 hour class we will take a close up look at flowers. Using the mixed media technique of Finger Painting without the Paint.

Wendy Picken (Mango Smile Studio) is located in Sidney, BC where Wendy Picken holds workshops and drawing classes, and works on her paintings.  “Finger painting without the paint” is how artist Wendy Picken describes the mixed medium technique she has developed since 1988. With her fingertips, she combines Stabilo crayon, pastel, china marker and wax polish on paper. “There is no rules except trust and follow your heart.” Art from and for the heart, Wendy Picken’s work is a colourful celebration of nature’s seasons of love and life.