Introduction to Fashion Illustration

  • Instructor: Bertha (Tita) Orozco
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  • Age: 16+ or prior experience
  • Skill Level: Beginners-Intermediate
  • Investment: $289

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This introductory course teaches basic techniques to assist in creating fashion illustrations. The idea is to find your own visual language and unlock your creativity through drawing, sketching, illustrating and rendering, the goal is for you to develop your creative skills, from concept to completion. This fashion illustration course is ideal for beginners as well as more experienced students.

  • Day 1.- Introduction to Illustration:
    Learn the fundamentals of drawing: light, shading, line and form, perspective and proportion.
  • Day 2.- The Fashion Figure:
    Master how to create slightly elongated figures compared to real life body proportions, to achieve a stylized design.
  • Day 3.- Textile Rendering and Garment Details:
    Study fabrics textures and weights, through illustration techniques, to learn how to create different types. These techniques will then be used to represent garment details, ornaments and structure.
  • Day 4.- Creating a Fashion Illustration:
    In this last session we will create a small fashion collection, applying the techniques and the knowledge gained in the three previous classes . The main focus is to have fun and develop your creativity.

Supplies List:

  • Required: Mixed Media sketch- Vellum surface pad (wet and dry media) 9 in. X 12 in., medium size watercolor brush, watercolor ( expensive ones are not necessary, school ones are perfect), Micron pen No. 1, HB and 2B pencil, soft eraser, ruler, smudge stick, colour pencils.
  • Suggested: Light gray, Light and Medium skin tone illustration markers.


Instructor Bio:

Bertha ( T i t a ) Orozco graduated as a fashion designer from Jannette Klein Fashion Institute in Mexico City, one of the most recognized fashion school in Mexico. Her work experience began as a window dresser with the Spanish International company Z A R A, where she became the Window Display National Manager of Bershka Mexico, a subsidiary brand focused more on a young and trendy market.

Bertha also has experience as a teacher of fashion design at Gestalt Center of Studies, a private university in Veracruz, Mexico, specializing in the fields of Trend Analysis and Collection Development.

Currently Bertha lives in Victoria, BC and continues in the fashion industry working as a Visual Merchandiser and Window Dresser for Mark’s Workwear House in Sydney. She is also developing her artistic abilities, as an independent artist, creating: Art prints and Cards, Window Painting and Decor enhancements, Pottery, as well as consulting for a variety of local businesses.

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