Mosaics are a fun, exciting art form which everyone can have success with. The creative possibilities are endless! This course will be comprised of four 2.5 hour sessions. Each participant will leave at the end with at least one finished mosaic suitable for use/display indoors.
Session 1: Introduction to mosaics, designing/planning your mosaic
Session 2: Mini-lesson; Studio time to work on your piece
Session 3: Mini-lesson; Studio time to work on your piece
Session 4: Mini-lesson; Grouting and finishing!
Topics covered in mini-lessons will include, how to break and shape pieces, laying techniques, adhesives, designing a mosaic, mixing and applying grout.

  • For interest in this program please email
  • Date: Stay tuned for future dates
  • Experience: Beginner
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Investment: $150
  • Maximum: 10 participants
  • Supply List:
    • apron
    • safety glasses/goggles
    • cloth rags
    • snug fitting rubber gloves(Optional)
    – Object to mosaic: mirror frame, picture frame, small table, vase, etc
    – Broken plates, tiles, jewelry, etc

Purchase from instructor at first class:
• one pair of tile nippers ($15 – $20)

Instructor Bio:

Murray is a retired teacher who started creating mosaics ten years ago. He has exhibited pieces at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Gallery, the Saanich Municipal Hall, The Bay Centre, and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. He has been chosen to participate in the Art Gallery’s Moss Street Paint-In for the past three years. He loves making mosaics!

See his work at: