• Session: Sept 5th – Oct 10th (6wks)
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays (9am-11:30pm)
  • Instructor: Steve Chmilar
  • Experience: All Levels
  • Ages: 16+
  • Cost: $295/ 6 classes
  • Supplies: Listed below

This new class is for all levels exploring different exercises each 2.5 hour session. This course is neither beginner, intermediate or advanced, it is fundamental for all oil painters who are serious about improving their painting skills and overall oil painting practice. In this five session workshop, Steve Chmilar will demystify the centuries old atelier oil painting method by breaking steps down into two simple categories; direct (alla prima) and indirect (layers). The goal of this course is for painters to understand exactly what oil paint can do – “so that we can control the medium, rather than having the medium control us.”

This course differs from the Beginner and Level 2 Oil Painting classes where we work on one painting over 5 to 6 weeks. Instead, Oil Painting Skill Development is a similar structure to Steve Chmilar’s drawing classes where we work on many different exercises. All the materials you will need can be found at any art store. This course will be taught in an odour free environment without the use of any toxic mediums such as thinner or turpentine.

Course Outline:
Class 1: Preparing for the refined look that only indirect (layered) painting can achieve. Copying a small part of a realistic figure and a gradient with fast drying pigments to prepare for layers in future classes. One with monochrome raw umber and white, the other with all fast drying oil colors.
Class 2: Edges. It is often said that you can recognize a painters style by how they paint their edges. In this class, we make many studies of horizon lines (trees, hills, fog, bushes and shrubs etc.). The goal of this class is to understand what options there are for painting the edges of forms. Once we know the options, we can experiment and play with filling the plains, curves and textures between the edges.
Class 3: Next layer of class one studies using some transparent pigments.
Class 4: Wet in wet (alla prima) value studies of simple objects under actual light. White and raw umber or mars black.

Class 5: Class one study finish. Glaze on some class 2 and 4 studies if possible.

Please note: We maintain small class sizes to ensure a personalized and welcoming environment. Each student will have their own table to create on in a large, well lit 900 sq ft studio with lots natural light studio.