• Date: March 15th & 22nd (2wks)
  • Time: Wednesday’s 6-7:30pm
  • Instructor: Julie Penner
  • Experience: Open to everyone
  • Ages: 16+
  • Cost: $105
  • Supplies: All supplies are provided

This class will comprise of two separate classes and aim to teach the way of making homemade paper from recycled materials and make your very own writing/painting material! First class will start with a demonstration of the process of paper making. Students/Families can feel free to bring along anything they would like to decorate their homemade paper including flowers, plants, scrap paper, journal pages, writing pieces etc. (As long as materials are relatively flat) The class will then make practice making their own pages using the mould and deckle provided, decorating it while it is wet, and then leaving it to dry.

The second class will consist of removing the dried paper off the trays, trimming, flattening, binding and decorating. They may choose to make their own individual paper, art pads, booklets or journals to write, draw, paint on, and complete their handmade paper project!