• Session: Jan 10th – Feb 28th (7 wks)
  • No class Monday Feb 21st
  • Time: Mondays 7:30-8:45pm
  • Skill Level: Accessible to everyone
  • Instructor: Janet Budden
  • Cost: $105

We look forward to having you join us. Due to current health restrictions class sizes have been limited. Students will be required to bring mat and props to class.

YIN is a calming and balancing practice where we hold passive poses for a longer period of time, stretching the deep connective tissue and releasing tension in the physical body. Through time and injury, flexibility in the joints decreases. Yin yoga will allow you to maintain that flexibility while taking you to a place of balance in your mind and body. Restorative yoga is based on supporting your body with props, allowing it to rest, heal and restore.

As we go through the practice, you will be offered a YIN version and a Restorative version for each shape. Since no one is the same and we all have different limitations, this will make each pose available to everyone – be it the YIN form or the Restorative form.
The class will finish with 15-20 minutes of Nidra (conscious sleep). Your mind and body will be led to a place of deep relaxation though guided meditation with the intent of taking you to a state between consciousness and sleep, calming the nervous system and leading to less stress and better health. Nidra is the deep rest we all want and need in our lives.

Please bring your mat, a blanket and a couple of pillows to the class. Any other props you may have at home would be useful as well. Give your life the balance it needs with this gentle and sustainable class for all ages.