• Stay tuned for future dates
  • Time: Tuesday’s 11:15 – 12:15
  • Skill Level: Accessible to everyone
  • Instructor: Celia & Samantha
  • Cost: $16 / $64 / $128

Join us for an immersion into the world of meditation. We will be playing with a range of movement and seated meditations that awaken the senses, nourish the heart, and enchant the mind. We will help you discover the gateways into the world of meditation, so that inner tranquility and joy are always available to you. Discover a Practice You Love.

Celia will be sharing a fusion of Yin Yoga & Radiance Sutras Meditation. The Radiance Sutras are 112 Gateways into the Yoga of Wonder and Delight that invite you to meditate while savouring the current of life and love flowing through you. 

Samantha will be sharing Kundalini Kriyas, breath work and mantras to achieve a meditative state and awaken the divine energy at the base of your spine that flows up through the chakras and transforms your energy to a higher frequency.

All levels of experience are welcome, the movements are simple enough that anyone can do.

Meditation is about getting better at life, not getting better at meditation. Meditation helps you develop inner peace in your daily life. When you have more inner peace, people trust you. They trust you because they notice that you don’t feel insecure in challenging moments. When you are more secure, you feel more confident and able to live your life to the fullest. 

Please Bring a yoga mat and 2 foam or cork blocks. We have extra blocks if needed.