• Time:  7:30 – 8:45pm
  • Class: Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Instructor: Tamara
  • Cost: $128

Deepen your connection with body, breath, heart & baby, and learn techniques to feel more mentally prepared and empowered to give birth however you choose.

Gentle movement, guided meditation, breathing practices and other relaxation tools will be woven through each class to help ease common physical discomforts, create more space for your baby, help with fatigue, bring calm & focus, and soothe your nervous system.

We value the diversity of each person’s journey; all pregnant folks are welcome, no yoga experience is needed. Modifications will be offered for all stages of pregnancy.

* Special Note for Drop in: If there is space remaining in the series drop in spots will be available through the website. If you would like to be notified about drop in spots please send us an email to admin@mctavishacademy and we will add you to notification. Thank you