Session: Sat Jan 20th – March 16th (9wks)
Time: 4:40 – 5:40 pm
Age: 12-15 yrs
Instructor: Ella and Mia
Cost: $144

Street Dance Squad provides a supportive and inclusive space for teenagers eager to enhance their skills and delve into the vibrant world of hip-hop dance within a safe setting. Our exploration takes diverse forms, with our team dedicating each month to a unique theme such as “Women in Hip Hop,” “Old School,” “West Coast vs East Coast,” “2010s,” “International Artists,” and more. Each theme is accompanied by two choreographed routines and a variety of enjoyable dance activities. These experiences aim to boost confidence, nurture skill development, and immerse participants in the wonderful realm of hip hop. Join us in an energetic and passionate environment that is all about having fun, busting a move, growth, and camaraderie!


During class you are welcome to explore the academy, the grand gallery by a cozy wood stove or a little nook to catch up on a good book or some emails. Complimentary wifi is available.

About your instructors:

Mia and Ella, a dynamic dance duo hailing from Victoria, bring a fusion of talent, passion, and experience to the stage. Originally from Kelowna, BC, Mia, and Portland, Oregon, native Ella’s paths crossed while earning their Bachelor’s degrees in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, from there, the rest was history! While both work in the childcare field outside of their dance careers, both Mia and Ella have taught dance in a variety of settings including middle school dance classes, studios, workshops, etc. Their combined expertise has taken them on quite the performance journey, captivating audiences not only abroad but also locally in Victoria. Through their extensive performance and teaching experience, they are notorious for their infectious energy and enthusiastic demeanor. Their commitment to fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment is evident, as they prioritize ensuring that everyone is not just a spectator but an active participant, leaving audiences hyped up and inspired. From a young age, Mia and Ella have had dreams of teaching dance, fueled by a shared passion for cultivating inclusive and safe learning spaces—an aspect often lacking in many dance classes. In a realm where competition and perfection typically take center stage, Mia and Ella shift towards emphasizing the development of individual confidence and nurturing team spirit.