Paverpol Basic Standing Figure

Create a unique garden sculpture in one day!
Upcycle an old t-shirt to make your own “one of a kind” standing figure. No experience is needed – it’s fun and easy using Paverpol, a water based, non-toxic textile hardener, to make your fabric art sculpture weather resistant.
Wire Armature (skeleton or stick figure)
Your sculpture begins with a wire frame (skeleton).
Foil Wrap (3D shape)
Next strips of aluminum foil are wrapped tightly around the wire to put together the basic shape of your sculpture.
Apply & Paint (skin & clothing)
Once you like the appearance of your sculpture, the real creative fun begins! You’ll “Get gooey with the Paverpol!” Strips from your old t shirts are dipped into Paverpol then wrapped around the piece creating a “skin”. Then you’ll use more T-shirt strips to add clothing to your figure.
As your figure dries you’ll learn the ‘dry-brush’ paint technique used to highlight your sculpture and take home highlight paint in the color of your choice to apply to your sculpture after it has dried/cured for two weeks. Your figure needs to air dry for a few weeks to allow the Paverpol to cure before painting so it’s weatherproof and ready for the outdoors.

  • Date: Stay tuned for future dates!
  • Experience: Beginner
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Investment: $130
  • Class Size: Maximum 8

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  • Supply List:
    • 1 or 2 (L or XL) old white 100% cotton t-shirts (minimal print, rib knit cotton is good for clothing but the “skin” wrapping of the figure requires less textured cotton)
    • an old hand towel to dry hands
    • something to take your piece home in – for example, a box and plastic garbage bag – your figure needs to cure for two weeks at home and may still be tacky at the end of the workshop
    • your lunch – we take a 30 minute lunch break

• embellishments you might like to use– such as beads, old jewelry or any other fabric, lace or trim that is a natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, rayon, flax, jute/burlap)
• TIGHT fitting latex gloves
• a turntable, if you have one

Instructor Bio:

My name is Susanne Standeven and I am a Certified Paverpol Instructor in Victoria, BC. I also have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria (1992) and taught here in Victoria.

From a young age, I enjoyed creative pursuits such as sewing, gardening, and learning new crafts with my mother, sister and friends.

Victoria has been my permanent home since I was 8 years old. I’ve had the opportunity to expand my creative skills by exploring different artistic mediums including fused and stained glass, lamp-worked beads, acrylic painting, pottery, silversmithing and jewelry made with copper wire and beads.

When I attended my first Paverpol workshop, I was immediately captivated with this medium as I was able to create three dimensional fabric art sculptures. After taking several workshops I decided I enjoyed working with this art medium so much I attended a training workshop to become a Certified Paverpol Instructor. In the past I would have described myself as a “creative person” not as an artist but I have learned that like me – everyone -has as an “inner artist” waiting to be revealed!

Susanne Standeven
Certified Paverpol Instructor
Stand Even Creations website


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